Shell Energy

Firm Size: 1,070 employees

Sector: Utilities

Turnover: £858m

Project: Infrastructure implementation and support

What was the challenge?

Due to rapid expansion of the business, and the almost doubling of customer’s year on year, the IT teams were finding it harder and harder to identify, acquire and manage their Wide Area Network (WAN) assets. Initially they had a direct Wholesale relationship with Openreach, however, the support and maintenance of the service was complex and time consuming, even though the costs were excellent. As additional sites, both office assets and data centre assets, were being added no cohesive strategy for survey of sites or availability of services was being given consideration.

How it was met:

Serviceteam IT, in partnership with Virgin Media Business (VMB), Vodafone (Cable & Wireless), Wavenet and Exponential-e along with Northway Communications identified: site fibre, diverse routes for high availability, best cost carrier and additional services delivery through backhauls and Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN).

The two data centre sites, the IT Services site, the Call Centre site and the Head Quarters are all linked via a mesh of 1Gbps circuits with wholly diverse fibre to site and the fibre routes. Additional Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) are implemented for:

    • high capacity Internet and Wide Area Network access via Fibre Ethernet and Smart Network
    • access to third party IP Telephony services
    • Local Area Network (LAN) extensions linking the Contact Centre and the Head Quarters to IT Services via Smart Network
    • dedicated Cloud Connect access to a multiple Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) located with Amazon Web Services (AWS) via a, private and secure Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) with Smart Network